Chicken or Lamb Naga Mirchi Chicken or lamb dish with the added Bangladeshi naga chilli makes for an extremely hot but uniquely aromatic flavour £8.95
Nehari Lamb [2] Minced lamb marinated with spices & herbs fried with butter ghee £10.95
North Bengal Garlic Chilly Bahar Chicken or lamb cooked in authentic South Indian spices £9.95
North Bengal Garlic King Prawn Chilly Bahar [1] King prawn cooked in authentic South Indian spices £13.95
Konkani Fish [2][9] From the Konkan region in Goa. Red mullet fillets marinated & flame grilled with red chillies & turmeric followed by a separate cooking sauce of aubergine, potatoes & tomatoes £9.95
Saffron Makhon Masala [2][7] Chicken or lamb in almond nuts & cream with added with minced cooked with selected spices including saffron £8.95
Jafrani Lemon [2] Chicken or lamb tikka stir fried in light fresh spices with mushrooms and lemon zest £8.95
Panir Tikka Bahar [2][7] A very rich, baked chicken dish cooked with almonds, cream & indian cheese £8.95
Tandoori Chicken Makhani [2][7] Tandoori chiken cooked in a sweetened rich thick sauce with almonds, coconut, butter, cream & condensed milk £8.95
Butter Chicken [2] Chiken tikka cooked with medium spices & topped with very rich sweet butter sauce £10.95
Tawa Chicken/Lamb £10.95
Tawa King Prawn [1] Lightly spiced and pan fried. Served with sweet, medium or hot sauce £13.95